Fu 1088


No.375 Zhenning Road, (near Yuyuan Road), Shanghai

Fu 1088, situated on the unassuming corner of Zhenning Road & Yuyuan Road, is truly a hidden gem on the scene of Shanghai’s fine dining. This 1930’s three-story Victorian mansion not only serves up some of the city’s most elegant Western influenced Chinese cuisine, but also provides a taste of living culture. Everything about Fu 1008 from its all Mahogany walls to the 70 year old Spanish tiled-floors, to the even older classical pianist adding to the already absorbing ambience, provides for a truly memorable experience

Our exquisite seven course feast began with a delectable appetizer platter of deep fried fish in a sweet soy sauce, tea smoked eggs topped with caviar, and slow-cooked lotus root filled with sticky rice, and chilled drunken chicken. Only the realization of being in an up-scale restaurant, kept me from licking the plate. The wild king prawn and baked codfish were among their most acclaimed dishes. The cod, served in a wine sauce, perfectly complimented the flakey texture and light taste of the fish. Our wild king prawn could have easily been an extra in the King Kong movie, it was nonetheless, as delicious as a crustacean is legally aloud to taste.

If you are seeking fusion-food done right, look no further than Fu 1088.

Service quality: 
very good
Food quality: 
very good
Price per head (RMB): 
less than 100
very good
Feature dish or menu: 
Deep-fried fish in sweet soy sauce
Braised homemade beancurd with needle mushroom in golden broth
Baked cod fillet with wine sauce